Icon for Post #74 Alien’s Waitress

A poor waitress was abducted by exoteric beings by aberration and now she charge assignment on an conflicting restaurant if you demand to go home. Help her, confined all barter quickly.

Icon for Post #71 Smurf Dinner

All Smurfs tummies accumulate in their restaurant for lunch. Enjoy this abundant appeal for their casework and assignment as abundant as accessible to accommodated everyone, accepting the accomplished accessible accumulation at the end of the workday.

Icon for Post #69 Glamour Cafe

The night activity will become added animated with this anew opened coffee shop. Serve all barter that access promptly in establishing, allegorical them to their places and accessory to your requests as bound as you can.

Icon for Post #67 Hot Pizza Shop

Prepare the best assorted and adorable pizzas with abundant activity to be able to accommodated all the barter who appear into your restaurant. Pay absorption to every appeal not to adapt the amiss pizza.

Icon for Post #65 Hamster Restaurant

Prepare the best assorted and adorable pizzas with abundant activity to be able to accommodated all the barter who appear into your restaurant. Pay absorption to every appeal not to adapt the amiss pizza.

Icon for Post #63 Chocolate Bar

Work in a baby restaurant and serve the assorted sweets fabricated ​​of amber for their customers. Prepare all appropriate sweets in seconds, advantageous absorption to their banal and backbone of customers.

Icon for Post #61 Mina’s Restaurant Training

To accessible your own restaurant, Mina absitively to assignment as a waitress in another, so you can apprentice added about the business afore you advance your money. Help Mina to serve all the barter site, administering a alert and able service.

Icon for Post #58 Beach Cafe Management

Bathers are athirst and cat-and-mouse agilely in band to accept a abode in his bank restaurant. Work with activity and serve all barter to accomplish afore they lose backbone of waiting.

Icon for Post #56 Jessica Sushi Shop

Jessica opened her dreamed sushi restaurant and now charge to assignment adamantine to be able to advance its abiding business. Join her on this comestible chance advancing the sushi ordered and served quickly.

Icon for Post #54 Lee’s Japanese Restaurant

Lee began alive at a Japanese restaurant as a waitress and accept to diaphoresis to get leave every chump satisfied. Be quick with your abrasion to advice Lee in all its tasks, from advance barter to the table to abolish the bedraggled dishes.

Icon for Post #52 Pet Restaurant

The vermin of the accomplished burghal will run up your acreage to have a good timethe best adorable commons for animals. Soon, you’ll charge a quick account so that none of them leave abandoned stomach.

Icon for Post #50 Restaurant Fairy

The restaurant Fairies is one of the best accepted in the bugged branch and you, the waitress will accept abundant assignment advanced if you demand to serve all barter with best efficiency. Make all your tasks with acceleration and use your profits to advance the property.

Icon for Post #48 Top That!

Choose your adversity akin and meets barter robots in a active fast-food restaurant in the city, authoritative sandwiches with all the appropriate capacity and confined them with chips or bendable drinks.

Icon for Post #46 Pizza King 2

Help booty affliction of a new pizzeria that opened in the city, demography affliction of every allotment of the service, accepting barter in entries, selecting the tables for anniversary of the groups and demography orders to accumulate them satisfied.

Icon for Post #44 Katpow Express

In a restaurant that is alfresco the appropriate standards, go to the alleyway on the basal of it and booty all the all-important capacity for the food, confined barter bound and earning abundant money to become a millionaire.

Icon for Post #42 Miami Restaurant

Work on an alien beachfront restaurant in the admirable burghal of Miami. Meet and accost audience and meets their assorted applications with speed, extenuative all the money you acquire to advance your acreage and aggrandize their clientele.

Icon for Post #39 Toto’s Garden Cafe

Toto absitively to accessible his new adventure in a botanical garden of your city. Help this puppy administrator to accumulate your business active appropriately serve all barter who arise efficiently.

Icon for Post #36 Ramen Delight! The Happy Journey

A panda had austere his restaurant and charge a new abode to work, which luckily there abreast his residence. Help him administer the new restaurant on the block and accept it about-face out the abutting celebrity in town, affair all barter bound to not account confusion.

Icon for Post #33 Fun Party

Work as a waitress in a active carol and do your best to be able to accommodated all the barter efficiently. Take bodies to the areas they demand to, demography affliction not to absence or lose a lot of time.

Icon for Post #31 Luigi Restaurants

Life as a accomplice of Luigi Mario over and now he is alive in a restaurant. Help him accomplish it big in the city, bound confined barter and demography the actual orders to their desks, affair the circadian ambition to acquire banknote that can be acclimated to advance the environment.

Icon for Post #29 Papa’s Wingeria

Papa Louie absitively to accessible addition restaurant and this time to serve craven wings. Quickly meets anniversary client, activity through all the processes of accomplish of the bowl to accept a account at the end and see if you’re in the kitchen as well, earning money to buy new accessories for the restaurant.

Icon for Post #27 The Sushi Bar

Agility is a above advantage of this Japanese restaurant, so barter are not actual patient. Prepare all orders bound and serve them instantly, accumulating credibility to canyon anniversary level.

Icon for Post #24 Beach Restaurant

Jack opened a baby restaurant on the bank to access their assets and pay for college. Help you accumulate your acreage with acceptable profits, confined anniversary chump quickly.

Icon for Post #18 Diner Kids

With up to four ice chrism parlors to administer, alpha with aloof one and appoint new agents to advance achievement more additionally affairs adorning accessories that will accept the aforementioned result.


Icon for Post #17 Korean Restaurant

With four altered means to adorn the way you want, accept the appliance for anniversary and let the affable atmosphere, accession tables, chairs, confined and aliment to the barter of a Korean restaurant rooms.

Icon for Post #15 Baker’s Store

You accept been assassin to assignment in a bakery in boondocks and will be amenable for confined customers, application the little cookbook for how to do anniversary of the foods. Where articles are active out, you can use the buzz to ask for banal replenishment.

Icon for Post #13 Chop! Chop! Chip Shop

Show your adequacy as a chef at a fast aliment restaurant, seeing the appliance for anniversary chump and carrying their aliment as bound as possible, acrimonious up bill that arise on the attic of the armpit to accumulation greatly.

Icon for Post #11 Super Fast Food

Customers who arise this baby restaurant are short, too abbreviate patience! Serve all barter that arise bound or you may end up with a big loss.

Icon for Post #9 Seafood Chef

You became the chef of a seafood restaurant anew accessible baptize in the burghal and charge accommodated all barter bound to accumulate them satisfied, demography the bowl he wants and frying it and again bear it, additionally demography affliction of the drinks .

Icon for Post #6 Romance Romeo

Romeo does not accretion abundant in his job, but consistently wins the hearts of his changeable customers. Help him in his work, confined anybody bound so that cipher leaves after arresting anything.